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How funds can combat stock market volatility

One way to dampen the roller-coaster ride of equity investing is to use low/minimum volatility exchange-traded funds.

Margaret Thatcher often used the slogan “there isn’t any alternative” to protect her thought that free markets, free trade and global capitalism was the only way forward. She said it often enough that they was nicknamed Tina.

Investors recently have adopted a similar refrain for his or her belief in equities: they just have experienced no hope of creating any returns of significance without taking on equity, or at the very least credit risk. Bond yields, beaten down by central banks around the world, were virtually no alternative.

But if Tina isn’t already a long-forgotten memory, she should be very soon, gauging from markets ?developments because the calendar considered 2016. Equities have been hammered by the continuing plunge in commodity prices caused by a slowdown in China and too much supply being produced, most notably on the oil front.


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